2019 Adam's Electronics


Products can shipped in or carried in to our storefront everyday. If you ship in, we suggest using FedEx or UPS and insuring the package for the full value of the product. To prevent shipping damage, package with sufficient packing
material or have FedEx or UPS pack it for you. You will be responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping. 

  • If the product is under warranty, include a copy of your proof of purchase. If you are unsure of your warranty status, 
    email your proof of purchase to Service@AdamsElectronics.com to verify your warranty before you ship your product in.

  • If you are a dealer sending the product in for warranty service on behalf of the end user, include the end user's proof of purchase with their information. Specify where you would like the product shipped back. 

  • If the product is out of warranty, we charge a bench fee when we receive it. The bench fee is upfront and non-refundable. The bench fee will be applied towards the repair cost. If the repair cost exceeds our original estimate, we will contact you with a revised estimate. You will be charged the repair cost and return shipping after the product is repaired. 

  • Please note if the original packing box or material is insufficient, we will repack your product for safe return shipping. 

Review our packaging recommendations and fill out and include our pre-repair shipping form in the box with your product.