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Shipping your product in for repair

  • We recommend shipping with FedEx or UPS. We also accept USPS.

  • Use a heavy-duty box designed for shipping. Use packing material designed for shipping. 

  • Package with a minimum of two inches of packing materials on bottom, top, and all sides. 

  • Insufficient packaging may result in shipping damage. Shipping damage may be unrepairable. 

  • Insure the package (declared value) for the full replacement value. 

  • If the product is under warranty, include a copy of your proof of purchase. 

  • If you are a dealer sending the product in on behalf of your customer, include the end user's proof of purchase. 

  • If you are unsure if your repair can be covered under warranty, check with the manufacturer or email your proof of purchase to and we will verify your warranty before you ship your product in for repair. 

  • Provide your contact information on our Repair Form and include it in the box. 

  • Products sent without contact information and unclaimed for 30 days will be recycled. 

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