Detailed Shipping Instructions

Please read the following instructions. Proper packaging with prevent items from being damaged and decreasing the time it takes to repair your unit. 


  • Our preferred method of shipping through FedEx or UPS.


  • The original manufacturer’s box and foam pieces are the ideal packaging materials. 


  • Use a sturdy, heavy duty box designed for shipping. Do not use boxes that have punctures, tears, rips, corner damage, or that has been used.


  • Package your item with a MINIMUM of two inches of packing material all around. 


  • Only use materials that are intended to be used for shipping. Miscellaneous items and materials will NOT be used in return shipping to you and will be disposed of. 


  • We recommend using large bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and sturdy packing paper.


  • If you do not have proper packing materials, we strongly suggest allowing FedEx or UPS to package your item for you.  


  • Insure the item should it be lost or damaged during transit. 



If you have any questions about shipping or packaging, please contact us!

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